Vita of Mary Garrett, Ph.D., CCP

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Michigan State University:

E. Lansing, Mi.
Ph.D. 12/88 in Educational Systems Development, instructional technology emphasis, GPA4.0
Dissertation: Using MIS Techniques within Instructional Programs: Data Flow Diagrams to Design Instruction and Expert Systems to Deliver Expertise

Wayne State University:

Detroit, Mi.
BA degree, with honors, Majors: Mathematics and Education. GPA3.586
M.Ed. degree,  Major: Mathematics Education. GPA 3.84

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Professional Presentations/Publications : (chronological order)

MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning)



of the Michigan Association of Teacher Educators and Ohio Association of Teacher Educators,

Telecommunications in the Classroom,

Learning Together,

Nebraska Videodisc Design Conference: Paper presented:

SALT (Society for Applied Learning Technologies),

Presentations (published in proceedings):

Trends in Occupational Education Conference:

Teaching For Success

LFI (League for Innovation in the Community College)

Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics:

Newmedia: International Multimedia Conference

Governor's Conference

Technology Coordinators Conference

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Academic Experience:

Secondary Teaching

College Faculty


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Professional Membership:

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Professional Computer Certification:

I am certified by the

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LCC Committee Membership:

KCC Committee Membership

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LCC Presentations:

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Student Club Sponsor:

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National Curriculum Committee:

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Online Teaching/Development Experience

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